Human Resource



The inheritance of will forges immortal legends. Adhering to the enterprise spirit that "to innovate with keen determination, to strive for perfectness and to be bold in dedication", Seebest carries out talent strategies, development strategies and win-win cooperation to strive for excellence in the process of continuous innovation.

"We always believe that the cohesive force of a group is crucial for the management and development of human capital and promotion of business increases." An indomitable group is the foundation and source power for the success of Seebest.

As to the aspect of team construction, Seebest always insist in the value of brand culture, namely, the innovation and people-oriented principle. "We long for talents and emphasize cultivation of innovative talents. We hope to build an optimal platform for those persons who share common goals with us to show their talent and to offer a multiple and inclusive enterprise environment for all persons of Seebest. Consequently, we could get rid of prejudices and promote effective cooperation to grow together and realize our dreams. Only the joint participation of the group can help us forge a better enterprise culture which ‘challenge the unknown and constantly innovate’ and gradually achieve the strategic target 'to be a first-rate and innovative brand enterprise in the manufacturing industry of China'".

Conceived View


With abundant human resource, the corporation provides various talents with great space for ability enhancement. The whole company is in urgent need of talents. There has great space for the development of human resource and we have to go a long way before achieving the desired state. Each business unit attaches great importance to human resources. For human resources, the company constantly intensifies the mechanism innovation and promotes a management mechanism with multiple modes. If the corporation devotes to design and continuously improve the system of human resources with, it will be a blessing for the enterprise development and great fortune for the career development of employees.

Eight Ideas


High-quality talents, high-level remuneration and high requirements for work
Respect the value embodiment of talents
Build a fair and competitive context
Establish a specialized, dedicated and professional talent team
Optimize structures to complement respective advantages
Establish an incentive and restrictive mechanism
Cultivate a group of innovative talents
Reserve of talents, knowledge and skills. Realize the equal emphasis for the production of talents, technology and efficiency.

Practical Experience


Innovation of employment system. Within the framework of talent strategies, the company establishes talent teams of three core professions, including technology, marketing and management, and constructs an institutional system for talent teams of core professions.

Innovation of distribution system. Try to implement the "incentive plan of specialized personnel". The company adjusts the direction of salary incentive, executes “special salaries for special positions and different salaries for same positions” and intensifies the incline of distribution toward talent teams of core professions to reinforce incentives for core talents.

Innovation of training pattern. The company establishes a classified, stratified and hierarchical training system to promote the improvement of personal quality; further improves the training system with the purpose of achieving comprehensive coverage, highlighted emphasis and remarkable effects; implements a responsibility system for the management of employee training and a point system of training and includes them in the system of cadre assessment.
Innovation of development mechanisms for various full-time employees. The company conducts H-type career development channel with multiple approaches to promote the growth of employees, intensify the performance orientation and stabilize talent teams. Furthermore, the company promotes the management of talents of employee turnover to mobilize the initiative of employees and give play to advantages of human resources.

Innovation of employment system and encouragement for excellent employees. The company establishes a management mechanism with hierarchical employment to create a fair environment of competition. Moreover, the company reinforces the selection of excellent employees, energetically promotes and appoints such employees, turns excellent employees with outstanding contributions into employees with "the pluripotent identification" to stabilize teams of core excellent employees.

Fulfill the human-based management concept and ensure employees time-out. The company continuously executes and guarantees the vacation system to ensure employees time-out and deepen the people-oriented enterprise culture.

Innovation of incentive mode and promotion of awards for performance growth. The company distributes more salaries to units and personals who make contributions to the company and fully mobilizes the positivity of staff and various professional teams of the company so as to facilitate the performance growth.

Improvement of the form for serving employees and trail implementation of smiling service. The company sets up an interactive platform of activities to realize the goal of "working at Seebest and getting along like family" and improve employees' sense of belonging.

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