Information about Seebest


Illumination Business
It is one of the core business units in the group, established in December, 2008. It devotes to the research development, production and sales of general illumination. The main products include: Three-basic-color energy saving fluorescent lamp, electronic ballast/LED drive, holder, household ceiling-mounted lamp, desk lamp, LED bulb lamp, LED down lamp, LED panel lamp for kitchen and bath, LED projection lamp, LED lamp stripe and so on.
Electrical Business Unit Ⅰ
It is the third BU established independently by the company, established in August, 2005. At present, it mainly produces and operates four classes of electrical products, including various senior mobile socket/converters, low-voltage breakers, electrical adhesive tapes and ground bounce sockets. The main products include: basic type socket, enhanced socket, high-power air-conditioning socket, functional socket and engineering private socket. These products are applied in home, business office and engineering.
Electrical Business Unit Ⅱ
It is the sixth business unit which was established in January, 2012, focusing on researching, producing and selling top-grade wall switch panel and socket. The main products include: Cheap and Attraction Series Q, , Leisure and Attraction Series B, Purity and Attraction Series Q1,Series B6 of concealed installation; Happiness and Attraction Series K in 118 type; Living and Attraction Series M and Brilliance and Attraction Series M3 of open installation. The product types include switch, socket, combination of switch and socket, information, electronic, assessor and hotel.


Electronic Business Unit
It is the first business unit which is operated independently by the company, established in January, 1999. It mainly operates the matching products for radio and television and mobile lighting products. "Seebest Television" is the top brand in the industry, enjoying high reputation abroad and in China. The products include signal amplifier and branch distributor of cable television, signal amplifier, distributor and switcher of satellite television, distributor and switcher of audio and video, STB distributor and so on. At present, the mobile lighting products are LED flashlight, glare flashlight, searchlight, head light, desk lamp, night lamp, camping light and portable power source, etc.
Cable Business Unit
It was established in August, 2010. It organizes professional technology research and development team and production team and devotes to the researching and manufacturing the cables and wires. The main products include: Coaxial cable, network cable, PVV, RVS, BV, BVR, telephone wire, audio wire, security monitoring wire, connecting wire for audio and video, connecting wire for radio frequency, jumper wire(network wire and telephone wire), connecting wire for HD multimedia and so on.

Household electrical appliances

Household Appliance Business Unit
Established in November, 2011, it takes "Attractive small domestic appliances" as the product positioning. The products are developed towards perfect household appliance field, including kitchen appliance, household appliance, bath appliance, private household appliance and so on. The unit takes “Attractive small domestic appliances” as the starting of product innovation design and applies latest product manufacturing technology to provide healthy household appliances for people and promote better life quality.
Environmental Electrical Appliance Business Unit
Established in September, 2013, it mainly pays attention to research, develop and produce the ventilation products which can improve the working environment and living environment of people and it provides the "Ambient air solution" about building electronics. Its products involves domestic and commercial ventilators, fan heater(bath heater), wind curtain machine, ventilation engineering products, ambient air purification products, central ventilation system and so on.
Intelligence Electrical Appliance Business Unit
Established in January, 2014, it devotes to researching, developing, producing and selling domestic intelligent appliances. The main products include: Intelligent vacuum cleaner, intelligent mopping machine, intelligent acarus-killing cleaner, intelligent dishwasher, intelligent glass cleaner, intelligent trash, intelligent dryer and the total solution about intelligent housing system.

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