Information about Seebest

  Seebest devoted it self to be the leader of auxiliary products of radio and television, international electrotechnical security products, energy saving products of photoelectric lighting, electric appliances and household products in fields of high-tech household electronic and electrical appliances of living goods. In virtue of offering excellent, high quality and groovy household electronic and electrical appliances of living goods, Seebest improves quality of life for consumers and enables them to enjoy comfortable life.

  The brand of Seebest belongs to the public. Deep requirements of mass consumers permanently exist at the combination point between market and brand development. Seebest always look for the balance which can solve problems with higher cost performance.

  Seebest develops in a progressive method. Within less than two decades, Seebest unceasingly changes and never stop its self-renewal. Nonetheless, throughout the development history of Seebest, we could clearly find the each process of Seebest is figured with purposeful and pragmatic promotion, instead of merely courage or luck. From the auxiliary products of broadcast and television to the electrical lighting system and then to household appliances and on-going development of household smart tools, all are closely related to solutions of "better life" that proposed by the brand culture, namely, "Every innovation of us stems from deep requirements of extensive audiences and the higher level of life experience that they long for".

  The brand image of Seebest not only highlights the inherent meaning of quality life and enjoying life, but also particularly emphasizes expressions of public benefit on the aspect of social responsibilities. "It is everyone's desire and rights to pursue better life. We will never innovate merely for the pursuit of profits. Actually, cheerful feelings that people enjoy out of those innovative products are always our source of power. We also wish that innovation of Seebest can possesses more far-reaching social meanings and influences. Hence, we will try our best to help people who need help and present with love and power." Since 2013, Seebest has started to employ Pu Cunxin, a famous performing artist who is widely known and boasts a good and philanthropic image. Combined with public service principles proposed by "Pu Cunxin Charitable Fund", a series of public benefit activities of the brand for assisting in construction of supporting education have been conducted in more remote regions. These activities facilitated classrooms to be brighter, made electric systems of schools to get rid of potential safety hazards and ensured safe, convenient and energy-saving features of all donations. Therefore, children are able to ponder over energy and environment at an early age. From the perspective of Seebest, better life in future requires more powers and active participation.

  With the establishment of brand vision, sustainable development strategies are also gradually introduced to the publication level of brand culture from the inside to the outside. Currently, "marketing modes of offices" created by Seebest are delivering specific value propositions of the brand in the operation system and terminal services. Simultaneously, Seebest also increases advertising costs of brand culture year by year to expand brand value and influences more widely and persistently. "Listen to deeper life appeals of extensive audiences, help those who long for better life to realize their deep desire for quality life, constantly innovate and combine all sustainable forces of innovation together to become "a first-rate and innovative brand enterprise in the manufacturing industry of China". This is our future!

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