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Q: What do rated current and rated voltage refer to?
A: They refer to the maximum current and voltage that the product can bear. When use normal products, the standard current and voltage can not be exceeded
Q: When the socket adapter is under the state of serviceability, the power line is easy to heat up
A: When the product is under the state of serviceability, it’s normal to heat up because of current conveyance. The national standard is that the heating temperature of power line and room temperature shall not be higher than 45℃. If it is overheated, please check that does the electrical appliances access to the product use super current or not.
Q: There are some sparks when the product to be switched on
A: After the electric appliance accessed to the product, the arc occurs when the product is switched on, which results in the sparking phenomena. All switches of our company utilize silver electronic contact, with 10000 times (20000 cycles) rated current testing, which means the sparking phenomena do not affect the normal service of product. If users are afraid of it, the loaded appliance can be accessed after the switch connected to power
Q: How to connect wireless products
A: Normally, the red/brown line is L pole connected to firewire; The blue line is N pole which to connect zero wire and the yellow-green two-color line is E poleconnected ground wire.
Q: Have been used for a certain period, after accessing the aluminium wire, the terminal of products burns up .
A: Normally, the aluminium wire shall not be accessed to products. Because all terminals of our products are made by copper. Connecting to aluminium wire, can cause a chemical reaction between aluminium and copper, under the temperature and water content in the air. So, the aluminum will be corroded after using a period of time, leading to large contact resistance in connecting position and burning up the terminal.
Q: About the wire of socket which is not long enough?
A: In the industry, there are two methods to identify the wire length:First, it means the length of wire (the length from the weld point to the plug); Second, it means the total length, including the length of socket.
The mark of suction plastic package of Seebest socket is calculated based on the total length and other sockets in bags are calculated based on the wire length. The error rate of wire is allowed to be 3 to 5 cm in the industry.
Q: About electrical resistivity.
A: International standard of electrical resistivity of 0.75 square shall not be over 26Ω.

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