Sales network

Advertisement Putting

Our company provides enterprise albums, product catalogues, towels, pens, cups, waistcoat pockets, wall calendars and many other propaganda materials for free. We also make full set of graphic design and manufacture schemes for professional magazines, cars, light boxes, employment and counter, etc., enjoying the allowance for image counter and the full-year support for advertisement putting, so as to ensure the excellent effect of terminal clients’ displaying and local brand communication.

Market Operation

The company provides comprehensive support throughout the customer development, advertisement and standard branch construction of new market with marketing experience for decades, so as to make every partner operate their business steadily and develop.

Locality Protection

We strictly execute locality protection policies and comply with Seebest Market Management and Administration Regulations to completely eradicate cross-region fleeing goods and underselling to guarantee the right of management of each right of management, reducing cutthroat competition and exclusive wealth.

Training Support

We have modern management training to regularly offer the training of cutting-edge product and industrial knowledge, business skills and financial management. We also strengthen partners’ capabilities and improve their professional skills by stages and share the marketing meet of exchange.

Marketing plan

We provide instruction of product displaying and unified brand image design program, and the sellers follow up fresh sales promotion idea for a long time. Unscheduled strong sales promotions help alliance business expand the market.

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