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whose selling network covers more than 500 professional sites around the world and cooperates with almost a hundred of institutions in Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe.

  After decades of intensive cultivation, Seebest has established more than 200 offices across the country and hundreds of thousands of terminal distributors, which basically covers all the cities, villages and towns market. This "Office Direct Marketing Mode" with Seebest features is inseparable from brand sustainable development strategy - "Our businesses are spread around the whole country and the brand value as well as influence has also gradually increased year by year. To make sure we can persistently create value for ourselves and interested parties, we have to promote a easier and more normative operating pattern, so as to optimize the value chain of client-side and ensure the benignant value-added cooperative relationship with our partners". "Office Direct Marketing Mode" innovated by Seebest is to distribute and control resources more efficiently to succeed and make sure our brand can duplicate the success continuously on the vision road of "becoming a top-ranking creative manufacture brand corporation in China"!

  In the age when advertisements flourish everywhere and all of the people in the market can talk about the way to transmit brand, Seebest put more effort to go deep in the market in the past - "at present, our brand is trusted by more and more consumers and we hope to keep this strength and do better." The regionalism in our country has great distinction, and the people in different regions or cities have various understanding about quality life due to economy, culture, city development and many other factors. "Optimized Client-side Value Chain" can help Seebest face the challenge - "Chain store system will make us be able to look into the deep-seated demand of local consumers toward quality life more deeply. With the execution and promotion of brand sustainable development strategy, the 'Office Direct Marketing Mode' will be the innovative force for us to provide local service solution for different regions". At the present time, the 200 offices are demonstrating the unique charm of marketing of our brand - "we do not want to wait for the customers to find us, but to actively get into contact with them". This is the channel features of Seebest local service greatly promoted in its brand strategy.

  Seebest offer comprehensive training and ceaseless communication to all the offices, making the "better life", sustainable brand vision and far-reaching social responsibilities proposed by the brand be rooted in every office, enhancing their brand awareness and increasing the abilities to find and solve their own problems during sustainable development, so as to build up a stable, economical and reliable supply chain of products and services and make sure our brand will be more charming and valuable in the deeper and superior life experience provided in the future.

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